Arrowsmith Services

Donor Offer Evaluation

Arrowsmith receives all electronic and phoned organ offers; local, regional, and national. After review of the donor, we respond with acceptance or denials based on physician and center’s standards. Potential recipients are discussed with surgeons and team and screened when appropriate.

Transplant Coordination

Arrowsmith will make all arrangements for admission, organ transportation, and OR scheduling for all planned transplants. We work closely with all transport companies. During organ transportation, the surgeon and team will be updated with estimated arrival times and any potential delays in transport.

Waitlist Services

We offer after hour waitlist services for recipients that require urgent MELD updates, urgent listings, or appropriate removals.

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Statistical Data Collection

Arrowsmith will also maintain concise record keeping meeting QAPI and CMS standards. Data recorded includes all completed transplant processes, the number of patients screened and admitted for offers, and all organ offers received, with reasons for turndown, including open and aggressive offers not captured in UNOS data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Arrowsmith schedule its nurses for transplant donor call?

When compared to other donor call companies, we schedule our nurses to cover only a few hospitals at a time, depending on the size of the center and the acuity. In addition, either Becky or Tracey are always on call to handle emergent issues or to assist staff with workload. There will always be at least 3 or 4 nurses available. The new allocation system and the increase in the number of donors has given rise to an increase in the workload. We are aware that managing multiple centers at one time is not safe and not sustainable.

Are the cost for Arrowsmith services sanctionable to the transplant center’s Medicare Reimbursement for Organ Acquisition costs?

Yes. We are considered a partner with your transplant team and therefore our services meet those requirements. The cost for our service is categorized the same as the services your staff provides making it allowable for reimbursement.