Our Clients


Our current clients are a mixture of large and small centers; we can adapt to serve any size transplant program. We partner with programs transplanting kidneys, livers, pancreases, and hearts. Most of our clients have been established via word of mouth from surgeon to surgeon. We are trusted and have proven ourselves in the world of transplant. We are grateful for our clients and strive to make every detail perfect and every process flawless. We are proud to have assisted a Texas hospital in starting their liver program by adding our expertise with logistics and documentation.



We only employ licensed, experienced RNs.


Our reputation in the community is meritorious.


We deliver consistent quality performance.


Prioritizing patient satisfaction is key.


We have a solid understanding of UNOS regulations and OPO guidelines.


Our nurses are detail-oriented and focused.


We offer clear, concise communication.


Becky and Tracey are always available and responsive to feedback and concerns.


I’ve had to opportunity to work closely with Becky and Tracey for many years, and when I heard they were starting their own transplant service company, there was no question that I would be hiring them. They anticipate and understand what we are trying to accomplish with respect to matching donors to recipients and they have trained staff that know how to proactively manage those offers. My team can rest easy knowing that the donor evaluation and transplant facility processes are in their staff’s very capable hands and that we can focus on performing our role with excellence.

Matthew Mulloy, MD – Medical Director, Medical City Dallas Abdominal Transplant

Arrowsmith RNs is a true partner for our transplant program, and shoulders the burden of donor call and offer evaluation in a way that has been a tremendous relief for our staff.  Our surgeons trust them to identify donors that match the needs of our patients and then to facilitate transplants efficiently and accurately. We know that our patients are in good hands with their coverage of after hour patient calls. Becky and Tracey have the beat of the pulse on a daily basis and are proactive and accessible when it comes to meeting our needs, and they have cultivated a highly trained staff. Since we hired Arrowsmith in 2021, we have added a heart program and are now starting a liver program. They have been instrumental in contributing to those processes.

Emilie Burgess LMSW – Admistrative Director, Medical City Dallas Abdominal and Heart Transplant

Wonderful staff, friendly, kind, hard working. Most importantly they are knowledgeable and go above and beyond to make sure all organ offers are reviewed and information communicated clearly and concisely.  Very responsive to changes, which is always happening in the transplant world. Truly care about the patients as if they were their own. This is a great company comprised of great people that I highly recommend.

Erin Granvold LMSW, MHA – Director Transplant Institute, Medical City Fort Worth